Our mission

A. Aid to develop the market in China

We would like to take our members' benefit as the core to develop our business in China, like finding more suitable & desirable place for wholesale, retail or manufacturing and communicate with regional government in order to solve the problem from Taxes, trading & investment. Also, we would like to search for the raw material supplier information.

B. Provide latest information

We would communicate with the international community of the industry to get the latest information for our members. For instant, the trends of leathers in Italy, the leather bags development in France and new ordinances for leather trading from EU.

C. Credit Information

We would like to exchange, search and provide the information of bad credit clients. By our members exchanging the information or searching from us, they could be alert and prevent the loss form it.

D. Sales Exhibitions

We would like to organize our members to participate the exhibitions held by the regional or international industry. We would organize a team to participate the international exhibitions every year. All the applications will be well arranged and we offer the discount for our members.

E. Industry News

Collect and publish all the news about the industry, include:-Standing the legal benefits for our members -the guidance, promotion and investigation of government policy and ordinances -the mediation of labor-management controversy -the member training, industrial safety and technology enquiries.

F. Statistical matters

Collect and publish all the statistic about the industry, include:-the statistic, investigation, technology enhancement and development of the regional and international industry -the supply and coordination of raw material -the investigation, statistic and promotion of the production and marketing -the promotion on sharing technology cooperation


Applicants should completed application form, attached with the cheque to HKSLMMSA, we will send you a official membership certificate within a month.

Our Objective

A. Foster industry development and promote trade and commerce in Pearl River Delta, contribute towards Hong Kong's prosperity

B. Protect the rights and interests of Hong Kong, enhance the skills and technology that in order to promote the development of the industry (達玫最高經濟效益)

C. Serve the community, voice for the industry, develop the favorable atmosphere

D. Enforce regional and international communication and promote trade and commerce


Objective: to unite more members in order to support each other. With our fortitude, we would like to make a unique brand of Hong Kong, raise our market shares and prominence and provide a best environment for business.

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